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Rick’s Rule 4: A vacant house is a sad and lonely house.

This is the mirror image of Rick’s Rule 3. While you don’t want too many items in your house, and you don’t want too few either. You want to make your house look as big as possible by not having too much stuff, but you also want it to seem warm, friendly, and welcoming by not having too few things. There needs to be a balance. Most people have a hard time sizing a room. Will their couch fit along your living room wall? Can their king-sized bed fit in your master bedroom? Will their table work in the dining room? Is their pool table too big for your rec room? If you remove all the furniture, your buyer will not be able to gauge these concerns.

Secondly, a vacant house does not feel like a place your buyer can call home. There is a reason that most builders will stage their new houses: to make them feel more welcoming for potential buyers.